Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Online Name Generator For Your Blog

Naming is not easy. Coming up with a catchy name for a product, company, blog name or domain can be a real challenge. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack: the right name should sound good, must not be already used by someone else, should have the potential to become a brand, and preferably with as little Google search results as possible. If you are looking for a good blog name, here’s how you can get blog name ideas easily using one of our blog name generators. I hope you find these random blog name generators useful!

Top 3 blog name generators :

1. Wordoid 

With Wordoid you can insert any word in the name you are finding, you can set a maximum length for your brand name, you can find names in couple of languages; a few of which are English, French, German, etc. The words really sound good and the best thing is that Wordoid is free to use and works quickly. It even checks if the .com and .net versions of your names are available in real time! You must check Wordoid now. It’s the best creative naming tool!

2. Online Generator 

If you haven’t tried Online Generator till now, you must do that now. Online Generator is a site with a variety of free online tools used to generate various names like business names, brand names, domain names, etc. It simply generates names for all purposes.

3. Gzzt 

Gzzt seriously is a very simple name generator and all it has is a small Generate Name button & a few banners which are not features after all. Now that you know the best blog name generators available, here are some steps to help you generate a perfect blog name. We’ve listed some steps to help you generate a blog name for a new blog using some cool blog name generators. Follow all the steps to generate a perfect blog name!

  • Select a niche (blogging, tech, etc.) 
  • Make a list of few words you want to be present in your blog name (blogging, tutorial, how to, name, gen, etc.) 
  • Finalize a few words you prefer the most & want to be there in your blog name (blogging, name in my case.)
  • Use one of the below blog name generators to generate a good blog name. You will need the above details, so remember it or better save it in a notepad file.
All the blog name generators mentioned above are completely free to use! Do try these blog name generators :)