Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Facebook Smiley 2012

Well, actually it's not something really new, but I'm sure many many people haven't know about these Facebook updates. As we know, we have been able to insert emoticons when chatting with our friends and colleagues via Facebook. But, do you know that facebook has done an update on their chat system? Yes, they have added quite a lot of new emoticons to be used by the user.

So, how do we use these new emoticons? The trick is similar to the foregoing, by simply typing a combination of the characters when we chat, facebook will automatically display it as a smiley picture. And this is a combination of characters that can be used in order to use the latest facebook emoticons.
And, here's the list:

Smiley Picture Characters Combination
laugh [[f9.laugh]]
sad [[f9.sad]]
angry [[f9.angry]]
sleepy [[f9.sleepy]]
shock [[f9.shock]]
kiss [[f9.kiss]]
inlove [[f9.inlove]]
pizza [[f9.pizza]]
coffee [[f9.coffee]]
rain [[f9.coffee]]
bomb [[f9.bomb]]
sun [[f9.sun]]
heart [[f9.heart]]
heartbreak [[f9.heartbreak]]
doctor [[f9.doctor]]
ghost [[f9.ghost]]
brb [[f9.brb]]
wine [[f9.wine]]
gift [[f9.gift]]
adore [[f9.adore]]
angel [[f9.angel]]
baloons [[f9.baloons]]
bowl [[f9.bowl]]
cake [[f9.cake]]
callme [[f9.callme]]
clap [[f9.clap]]
confused [[f9.confused]]
curllip [[f9.curllip]]
devilface [[f9.devilface]]
lying [[f9.lying]]
Enjoy your chat kiss